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Really loved the product. It’s kid friendly and they enjoy using it. I bough it for my niece bday and she really loved the gift. And the most interesting part of it was it has a camera . She loved it and I liked the product too.

I love the fact this is waterproof and comfortable. Very accurate when outdoors. Alerts are sent to me when he leaves school.

  • Fits even the tiniest wrists. Very comfortable rubber strap. Waterproof.
  • There is a Christmas theme on the watch, but my son likes Christmas so he doesn’t mind.
  • Charger doesn’t need to be inserted into the watch, it is magnetic.
  • You can store up to 10 phone numbers to call.
  • There is a math game
  • Within the app, you can silence the watch during 3 specified times which is a great feature for when the child is in school. You can set a geofence to alert you when the child leaves a specified area.

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